Client Stories

Our clients are incredible.  They are brave, inspiring and determined to overcome the trauma of sexual violence.  Two of them wanted to share their story in the hope that it helps others know that they are not alone, and that there is hope.

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I would finally like to add that at first before attending Nexus I was a little weary with having to open up and break my silence of being abused, but my assessor was so lovely, I can’t remember her name but she helped me hugely to feel comfortable and her caring personality was overwhelmingly beautiful and then I met my counsellor  who has helped me in more ways than one, she’s gave me confidence, she’s made me laugh, smile and gave me something I’ve never had in my life and that’s a great set of ears, a person who listened and cared, someone who didn’t judge me or make me feel uncomfortable, a genuine soul with such beautiful qualities and I can truly say whole heartedly, she hasn’t just changed my life, but she’s allowed me to identify who I really am and has allowed me to live. She is truly an assist to the charity and if I could give her the world for her help, advice and counselling, I would within a heartbeat.

Powerful abilities!
NexusNI, a community supporting persons affected by sexual violence,
In place to offer hope and understanding in breaking the silence.

A service that understands trauma and it’s difficult impact,
A safe place for survivors alike to open up and not to feel hacked.

Victims aren’t at fault and you’re not alone,
A counselling family that embraces your strengths to be shown.

Nexus isn’t just counselling, but it’s support and representation,
building relationships and support at hand when needed you’re under no obligation.

Professionals at their best with dedicational words of wisdom,
A charity that brings you realisation to know you aren’t to blame and you are the victim.

Every story has an end, but in every life, every end has a beginning,
Leaving nexus and experiencing the guidance and support you’ll be sure to leave winning.

Think how strong you are and hold the vision,
know that you have a community of support to help make the right decision.

Believe you are better than all the negatives and embrace your power to trust the entire process,
throughout your story you’ll get the justice of that you deserve and you’ll become the success.

You have the potential over your own mind and not the events,
when you realise this, you’ll grow to know your future strengths.

The secrets of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but building the new,
positivity and the greatest of outlooks, you will vision this first then witness within eye view.

Owning your story can be heard and sharing it can be even more difficult,
However that first step to seeking the appropriate help is the most significant.

It’s risky embracing the darkness and facing your vulnerabilities,
A path with guidance and non judgment lights ahead to a direction of powerful abilities.

As a survivor your strength to discover the infinite power of light,
This will bring you happiness and a future so beautifully bright.

Reminding yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect for it’s nonexistent,
Whilst knowing you’re powerful and good enough to continue to be persistent.

A victim you were who’s now a survivor, a person of truth who’s ready to strive,
Embrace life’s beauty with a smile of justice and now continue to live.