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Every year in Northern Ireland there are thousands of sexually violent crimes reported to PSNI, and thousands more that go unreported.

Without specialists support like ours victims of these crimes will find it even harder to deal with the trauma they will be living with.  The impact of this trauma can be devastating and is life long.

We need to work hard to #BreaktheSilence on sexual violence, our fundraising helps us to do that and we need your help!

How can I help?

Whatever you decide to do to fundraise for us you will be making a difference to someone who is living with the trauma of sexual violence.  Previous fundraisers have ran in marathons, hosted craft fairs, organised pub quizzes and much more!

For some fundraising ideas please see our fifteen fundraisers info sheet.  Or if you would like to talk to us about your fundraising idea contact us on 02890 326803 or email

How can your business/employer help?

If your company operates any of the following you could consider/nominate Nexus:

  • A charity of the year scheme – contact us and we can come out and talk to your employer about the benefits of this
  • Volunteering days – we can work with the team to agree on an appropriate project, contact us for a chat
  • Funding scheme – you can be involved in supporting delivery of our services, contact us for a chat
  • Nexus Pop up Fundraising Boxes – we can make these available to you, the easiest possible way to fundraise!

Thank you for your interest in helping fundraise for Nexus, we look forward to working with you soon.