Nexus NI is proud to offer a suite of specialist training courses for counsellors and other professionals working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and sexual violence, or anyone who would like to improve their confidence and understanding of these issues.


Our training courses and workshops have been developed through our 30+ years’ experience in providing specialist counselling and support to survivors of sexual abuse, as well as our own and Northern Ireland-based research and statistics, client feedback and contributions. Through our training courses we aim to raise awareness of the issues surrounding sexual violence, and empower professionals across Northern Ireland to support survivors of sexual abuse and ensure they receive the best possible service, regardless of the service or provider they engage with.

We currently offer the following workshops:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness
  • Rape and Sexual Violence Awareness
  • Handling Disclosure of Sexual Abuse
  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • Online Safeguarding for Parents and Carers
  • Online Safeguarding for Staff and Volunteers
  • Female Genital Mutilation: Raising Awareness and Understanding
  • Sexual Violence Awareness Raising
  • Bespoke workshops for organisations

Upcoming Training (2019/20):

  • Psychological Impact of Sexual Abuse
  • Child Protection for Staff and Volunteers
  • Adult Safeguarding for Staff and Volunteers
  • And More!

Any inquiries about arranging training for your organisation, pricing or information about bespoke services, should be directed to