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Make Noise for Nexus

Nexus is asking schools and youth groups across Northern Ireland for their help in breaking the silence on sexual violence by ‘Making Noise for Nexus.’

Making Noise for Nexus is about doing something which will not only raise funds to support our specialist services but also raise awareness of who we are and who we help; start conversations and help to break down the taboos that surround sexual violence and prevent people from speaking out and seeking help.

There are lots of ways to Make Noise for Nexus including:

  • Taking part in a sponsored fun run/challenge – why not create a theme, wear a costume, bright colours or even make it a colour run
  • Hosting a bake sale – you could decorate your cakes in bright icing
  • Organising a talent show or school play and ask for donations
  • Holding a sponsored silence or a sponsored ‘no mobile phone day’ – This event also helps generate a little understanding, even just for a few hours, of how it feels to not be able to speak out. You could make yourself loud in other ways by wearing a wacky hat, tie or jumper for the day

Whatever you do, make it bold, bright and fun!

Looking for more ideas? Download our AtoZ Fundraising Ideas or contact us if you’d like to discuss anything further.  We can provide hints and tips, fundraising and awareness materials, as well as guidance on practical issues to help make your fundraising a success! Contact our Community Fundraising Lead, Karen on 028 9032 6803 or email

The impact of your support

Your fundraising will help us reach more adults, children and young people through our specialist services including our counselling, family support, education workshops and training.

Nexus delivers specialist counselling to men, women, boys and girls.  The average cost of a full programme of counselling is £1000. Could your school/youth group aim to raise a £1000 to help Nexus reach out and change lives affected by sexual violence?

Our Education Team provide workshops to young people in schools and community groups across NI on issues such as consent and online safety.  The average cost of a one-day workshop is £150.  With the support of your school / youth group, you can help us reach more young people with these important messages.