Free Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Training for Health and Social Care Staff

Nexus is pleased to announce it has been selected by the Health and Social Care Board to deliver training as part of its CSE Services. This training will be delivered free of charge to designated Health and Social Care Staff.

CSE is ‘sex abuse in which a person or persons exploits, coerces and/or manipulates a child or young person into engaging in some form of sexual activity in return for something the child needs or desires and/or for the gain of the person or persons perpetrating or facilitating the abuse’.

CSE can take many different forms. Victims come from across a range of different social groups, but most will have additional vulnerabilities such as problems in their home life, having been previous victims of child abuse, experiencing emotional and mental health needs or being affected by substance misuse problems. There can also be an overlap with other areas of need such as going missing from home or care or being involved in offending behaviour.

Nexus will provide these services throughout NI; CSE can be both an organised and an opportunistic activity that targets particular groups of children and is not subject to arbitrary geographic boundaries.

Nexus is available to provide training sessions to groups of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 Health and Social Care Staff, delivered in a location of their choice.

Free training is available to:

  • All Social Workers in Safeguarding and LAC, Residential Services, CAMHS, other residential child care staff
  • Personal Advisors plus support/therapist staff
  • Relevant health professionals working with young people, e.g. Safeguarding Nurses, School Nurses, Specialist Looked After Nurses, Lead Nurses in Sexual Health Services and AHP’s
  • Child Psychology Services

Attention all Social Workers!!

You can use this training to gain credits within the Professionals in Practice (PiP) framework. Use your learning from this workshop to submit via the PiP Credit Accumulation Route. Details are on the flyer below, or contact your agency PiP Representative or visit the NISCC website:


Training Overview

CSE LEVEL 1 (Duration ½ day)


Participants will develop a deeper knowledge and improve their skills in relation to understanding and identifying the sexual exploitation of children and young people and will be clear about their role within the multi-disciplinary and multi-agency context.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training participants will have knowledge of:

  • The nature and scope of CSE in NI
  • The risks and indicators of sexual exploitation and going missing
  • The underlying processes associated with CSE
  • The links between abuse, current behaviour and vulnerability to CSE
  • Key legislation, policy and agency responses/roles to the issues of CSE and children missing from home and care

LEVEL 2 (Duration full day)


This training will support and enable practitioners to be able to work sensitively, safely and effectively with children/young people who are at risk of and/or who have been a victim of CSE.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training participants will have:

  • Further enhanced their knowledge and understanding of CSE
  • Explored methods of effective intervention with young people
  • Equipped themselves with skills and resources to engage young people in CSE work
  • Considered the impact on self of working within this area and how to resource themselves to ensure safe practice

Staff undertaking Level 2 training will have to be competent at Level 1. Competency at Level 1 can be achieved by having completed Level 1 training or equivalent within the previous 2 years, or the candidate can be deemed competent by their professional line manger.

For further information or to book training for your group contact: