Client Feedback

Our clients are the reason we all do what we do.  They are an amazing group of people and it is our privilege to work with and for them.

Their feedback is really important to us, it lets us know what is working and what may need to change, and it allows us to demonstrate the impact our services have on those that access them.  Below you can read some of the feedback clients have given once they have completed their counselling with us.

How has counselling helped you?

“It has helped me in so many ways.  I have realised that I am not to blame for what happened to me in my past.  I feel much more hopeful for the future”

“Counselling helped increase my confidence and trust in others, as well as providing a space for me to express my feelings and thoughts where I was supported and not judged”

“I have learned different strategies I can use to deal with things and it has helped me a lot through difficult times.  I found someone I could trust.”

“Coming to Nexus has left me with a clearer mind.  I am more confident and able to deal with issues by myself.  I have the ability to forgive myself.  I feel  safe now and don’t want to self harm anymore.”


What would you say to other survivors who might be thinking about coming to Nexus?

“I would tell them to go for it as it has helped me tremendously.  It has helped me to look at a lot of things in a completely different way, now I look at things in a positive way!  I know I am going to have a better life now.”

“Definitely go to Nexus.  I avoided going for years, I avoided everything.  I wish I had done it sooner, it really helped.”

“This will help.  It helped me learn to talk about what happened.  It has been brilliant because for years I held it all in.  I know now who and what I am.”

“I didn’t want to come to Nexus but it changed my life and my relationships so much I cant imagine where I would have been if I hadn’t come.  They gave me my life back.”