Training – Child Sexual Abuse – An Introduction for Counsellors and Support Professionals

An Introduction to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

A one day workshop aimed at counsellors, social work and healthcare professionals, youth workers, criminal justice system professionals and anyone who supports survivors of CSA in their professional roles.



Share research and Nexus’ own organisational experience to provide greater awareness of the global context and prevalence of CSA, and to highlight the psychological, physical and behavioural impact it has on survivors.

Define key theories concerning paedophilia and sex offending, and explore some profiles of perpetrators.

For counsellors, the training will illustrate the counteractive/corrective potency of the ‘person-centered’ approach in sex abuse counselling, and demonstrate the effective application of current theories and models to counselling practice through a process of observation and participation based on triad work.

This practice can also benefit any support professional to reflect on and improve their communications with survivors.

Attention all Social Workers!!

You can use this training to gain credits within the Professionals in Practice (PiP) framework. Use your learning from this workshop to submit via the PiP Credit Accumulation Route. Details are on the flyer below, or contact your agency PiP Representative or visit the NISCC website:


CPD certificates will be provided to all participants.



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