About us

Nexus NI offer services and support to people who have been affected by sexual violence in any form, and our services are delivered across Northern Ireland.

 Our services include:

Counselling – 1-1 specialist counselling delivered at over 25 locations across the province.  For more information on our counselling please click here.

Training – Training for professionals and individuals who want to understand the impact of sexual violence and better support its victims.  If you are interested in attending Nexus training or would like more information please click here.

Education  – Post Primary School education programs are available which offer fact based information and discussion with young people on topics including; sexual violence, including spotting the signs of exploitation and grooming and sexting and the law.   If you would like Nexus to come to your school or community group please click here.

Support – In addition to our counselling service we offer, when we have appropriate funding, additional support services for families and others.  

Helplines – We hold a list of helplines that people may want to access before, during or after they engage with us.  For contact details of helplines, many of which are 24hour please click here.

Websites – We maintain a list of websites offering advice and support to people affected by sexual violence.  For web addresses please click here.