Current Nexus NI Projects


Children in Need.

This is specialist counselling for children and young people aged 8-16 who are victims/survivors of sexual violence and abuse.  The families of those who engage in this project are also offered 6 weeks of family support. Referral can be self/guardian or a health care professional.  Please note, this project is only offered in the Belfast, Northern and South Eastern Trust.  For further information email


Relationship and Sexuality Education.  This project is delivered in conjunction with Relate and Rainbow.   Sessions are available for young people aged 11-25 who are not in formal education ( but attend groups like community groups or youth groups).  Relate covers the Southern Trust, Rainbow cover Belfast and the lower part of the northern Trust (Ballymena downwards) and Nexus NI covers the West and as far down as Ballymena.  For referrals or further information please email


Child Sexual Exploitation project.  This is Level 1 and Level 2 training for all professionals or foster parents working with young people.  Level 1 is a basic introduction whilst Level 2 is a full day of in-depth training.  This training is completely free and covers the whole of Northern Ireland.  For further information please email.

Co-Nex-ions Project

This is a Northern Ireland wide project which is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.  It is open to all clients who have finished their counselling with Nexus NI.  Clients have an opportunity to meet with the facilitators who run the project to talk about what help they can access to help them make the transition from counselling to independent living.  There is group work available with lots of courses on offer and there is a small budget so that if a client wishes to avail of something which will help them, such as attend a class, study, recreation, we may be able to contribute to this. For further information please email.

Pilgrim Trust – Achieving Best Evidence

This is also a Northern Ireland wide project.  Clients, men and women over 16 who present to the police after a rape and who are not sure if they want to engage or report are referred to Nexus NI from the police for two support sessions to look at the reasons why they are unsure they want to proceed down the criminal justice route.  The point of these two sessions is to build confidence and explore their uncertainty.  The police obviously want clients to give the BEST best evidence interview, but it is up to the client what route they want to choose.  If they decide to go ahead, after the interview, they are offered a further 10 support sessions to prepare them for the road ahead (court, family etc. etc.)

CONSENT Training and Education

We have short interactive education workshops on the issue of Consent.  Available to post-primary schools, youth clubs and summer schemes across Belfast and in Derry and Strabane.  Free of charge

Belfast contact:


Cyber safety Education

Available across Belfast to post-primary schools.  Free of charge.  For information please contact

ARN project

Provision of sexual abuse awareness, consent and cyber safety workshops across Fermanagh and Tyrone.  For post primary schools and is free of charge.  Contact Project (European project)

This project is looking at delivering counselling at a distance.  We will currently be offering staff the opportunity to participate in a pilot training course on counselling at a distance. For further information please contact

Learning Disability Counselling (DRILL Project)

Nexus_NI works with Positive Futures on a JustUS 1:1 counselling programme for people with learning disabilities who have been affected by sexual abuse. There are still some places available. For more information please contact Jenny Pogan on