Nexus launch client created film to #BreaktheSilence

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The film project came about because both Nexus NI staff and our Co-Nexion clients are passionate about Breaking the Silence and what better way to do this than with some video recordings of real issues related to sexual violence and its impacts, using it as a positive educational tool for people working directly in this area.

We worked with the production company JourneyFor, who taught our clients how to use media as a platform to portray their message.  Not only did participants enjoy learning how to use the filming equipment and how to go about recording a short film, but they all felt it was a valuable tool in their own ongoing therapeutic journey towards recovery.

Click here to watch the film – “We are all the same”.  The film is also available to watch on our website here.

Client quotations regarding project:

“This course has undoubtedly contributed to my recovery”

“It helped me regain my confidence and my creativity.  I started to pick up other activities again that I’d forgotten I could do.  I was able to find a little more happiness in everyday things.  It was a form of therapy.”

“It made me realise how far I have come in recovery.  I can see that I have ownership of my own body.  My self-esteem has increased.  I felt more positive from meeting others who are also survivors.”

“It was an enormous next step for me.  It has pushed me outside my comfort zone within the safety of Nexus NI.”